Styles and Pricing

Styles and Pricing

We feature a complete line of caskets and urns at SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS!

SAVE MONEY on our wide selection of affordable caskets and urns in several styles and colors. Select any link below to view our casket and urn selections.

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Metal Caskets

Devon ll (non-sealer)

Devon ll (non-sealer) - $695

Devon ll (sealer) - $895

Devon ll (sealer) - $895


Montague - $1,199

Hanover - $1,285

Hanover - $1,285

Last Supper - $1,350

Last Supper - $1,350

Kensington ll - $1,350

Kensington ll - $1,350


Versailles - $1,575

Arlington SS

Arlington SS - $1,689

Basillica ll

Basillica ll - $1,820

Wood Caskets


Wheat - $1,195


Buckingham - $1,495


Portsmouth - $1,559


Exeter - $1,779


Sistine - $1,867

Special Situation Caskets

White Steel (children's)

White Steel (children's) - $680

Titan (oversized)

Titan (oversized) - $1,780

Buckingham (oversized)

Buckingham (oversized) - $1,970


*Because manufacturers do alter their product lines, and quality photos of all their caskets are not available, pictures may not be exactly the same as the actual product. They are however, a proper representation of the quality and appearance of the actual casket.